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Newport Sauna shown above optional Red Cedar.
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The 2022 Newport Sauna

The Newport Far Infrared Sauna's clever corner design makes it a perfect fit for indoor use, offering a large interior to accommodate up to three people comfortably (or let one lucky person stretch all the way out!)

The choice of Hemlock fir or Red Cedar finish makes it easy to match the style of your room's décor. Add a DVD LCD system and create an entertaining, healthy hideaway for you and your friends.


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- Full-Spectrum Heaters
- Bluetooth Stereo
- Chromotherapy (Light Therapy)
- Ozone/Ionizer Sanitizers
- ULTRA-Low EMF Carbonwave Organic Heaters
- Infrared flow-thru Benches
- Removable benches for Yoga or stretching
- Faster heat up times
- Infra-tile floors for easy cleaning
- Thicker wood and doors throughout

(reg. $5,195)

$4995 (reg. $5,595)

(Out of Stock/Call)

(reg. $8,095 - One open-box available)

$5695 (reg. $6495)

  Cedar Wood Option
  Bluetooth Upgrade $200 (Free with Sale)
  Chromotherapy $200 (Free with Sale)
  OUTDOOR Sunbrella Cover Call to Order
  Sunbrella Cushion Call to Order

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Canada, Alaska, Hawaii
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Sauna Specs

Infrared Sauna Specs

Infrared Panels: 9

Panel Area: 5300 square inches


Width: 84.85
Depth: 60
Height: 75


Wattage: 2150 Watts
Amperage: 18 Amps
Circuit: Dedicated 110 volt / 120 volt 20 amp circuit / outlet required

Please see Installation Manual for detailed Electrical Specifications


Your new sauna includes the following features at NO additional cost
Scroll to the bottom of the page for our available Upgrades

Just Released: Newly Designed Full-Spectrum Pro Series - New Additions/Upgrades
-100% Blue tooth sound system
-Higher temperatures - Now 158f
-Removable benches for hot yoga or stretching/exercise
-Twice as fast heat up times from 40 minutes down to 20
-You can now assemble it from inside the sauna for tighter space applications
-Open slats in the benches to allow the heat to penetrate up through your core
-Infra-Tile floors for easy cleaning
-Consistent Infrared Heat (Normally a 5 degree shut down/start up once it reaches desired temps)
-Thicker wood throughout
-Wider doors with stronger hinges
-Wood/Stainless Handle
-New Control Panel with Reservation Mode
-1 Hour EZ-assembly...and more

Please call or email for more pictures and details:



Zero EMF Infrared sauna


Ultra-Low EMF, 8-10 micron, Nano-Carbonwave 360 Heaters
Tested to produce the most infrared energy within the desired spectrum for maximum absorption by your body. Large, thick Carbon Panels blanket the walls, front bench and floor areas giving you more surface area exposure than any other manufacturer which gives you MORE RESULTS in LESS TIME!!

Our Nano-Carbon Heaters are the safest, most efficient and cost effective method of detoxifying your whole body. They are clinically tested at 8-10 microns. What does this mean?...a deeper sweat! Our customers reported that they are now producing a full sweat in 5-10 minutes rather than 20-25 minutes. Sessions that used to take an hour, have now been cut down to 25 minutes.

Inferior saunas will have heaters with:
1) High EMF ratings with unsafe limits (anything over 5mg)
2) 6 -14 Micron Ratings
3) 80-90% Emissivity Rating
4) No front heaters (very important)
5) Average time to a full sweat = 25 minutes

Quality saunas will have heaters with:
1) Low EMF ratings
2) 8-10 Micron Ratings (Clinically Independently Tested).
3) 99% Emissivity Rating
4) Front Heaters as well as, back, sides, feet and calves.
5) Average time to a full seat 5-10 minutes
Want to read more about these heaters? - Click Here





New for 2022 -Inside/Outside PROGRAMMABLE Soft-Touch Controls

Easy to press and easy to clean. The same panel is both on the inside and outside of the sauna allowing you to adjust your sessions parameters without letting the heat out.

All of the new CS-Series Saunas now come a programmable timer option allowing you to have the sauna turn on up to 30 hours in the future.

Please note: Picture will be updated soon to the new Control Panel

  NEW/Included for 2022 - Removable Benches

The most anticipated change the new CS-series. Exclusive to Coastal Saunas. You will now have the option to remove the sauna benches in seconds. When we designed this system, we moved the calf heaters to the back walls and slotted the benches allowing the heat to rise up through your body. Here are the advantages:
- Allows for Yoga/stretching/exercise.
- The Infrared heat can now come out and up through your body vs solid benches blocking the heat.
- Various Seating options: In the CSC the right bench can be removed for more let room. In the CS4 the middle bench can be removed for groups of 4.

NEW/Included for 2022 - Slotted Benches

As mentioned above. Other saunas in the industry have solid benches which block Infrared heat to penetrate your lower body. Our benches now have open slats while the calf heaters have been moved to the back walls. This allows the heat to come out and up through your body. This system dramatically increases not only the sweat factory, but benefits your lower bodies joints ligaments as well. We also increased the width/thickness of the benches allowing for more comfort during your session.



NEW/Included for 2022 EZ-Clean Infratile Floor Heaters

Most infrared sauna companies will screw or bolt the floor heaters to the sauna. This means that you would have to unscrew the floor cover every time you wanted to wipe the heater down....not anymore! All our 2016 units now ship with "pop-up" removable floors for easy cleaning.




NEW/Included for 2022 - Stainless Handle with Wood Insert
A touch of elegance to your most prized possession.

Chromotherapy Lights


NEW/Included for 2022 - Updated Chromotherapy/Light Therapy

Now LARGER AND BRIGHTER! This Chromotherapy Light gives you more diodes and seven different colors to choose from.

Can't decide which color? View all the colors under the "rotation mode" until you see one that matches your chakra.

  Chromotherapy Reference Sheet:
Read about the benefits of each color of light during your session with this "in sauna" reference sheet. With the press of a button, switch colors to treat different conditions.


Luxury Lights Package
Outside lighting will set the mood for your relaxing session while showing off the fine grain of our 100% Canadian woods. Produced with energy efficient and long lasting LED bulbs.


2 Halogen Reading Lights
All of our saunas now come with dual reading lights, for the times when the 2 of you are enjoying your sauna together. These new lights are Halogen bulbs, which have proven to be less straining on your eyes than LED's.


Built in Backrests/Heater Covers
Our patented revolutionary backrests/heater covers allow the user to lean directly against any of the heaters without burning your back. These individually hand-crafted vertical wooden dowels align with your spine, and since infrared heat extends in the shape of a cone, absolutely zero heat is blocked. Further more since you aren't directly touching the heaters, we don't have to install fabric over the heaters like most companies do.

With the older style heaters, the fabric was not removable. Since the user would be sweating directly on the fabric, this became a hygiene issue. Now you get the best of both worlds:

No Fabric = More Heat
No Fabric = Better Hygiene

You may read about this new design in more detail in the Buyer's Guide.

Prefer the older design? No problem, we can make yours to order.

Cup Holders


Cup Holders
Take a refreshing drink into your infrared sauna while you sweat away the toxins.

Magazine Rack


Magazine Rack
There's no better time to read than while relaxing in your infrared sauna.


Towel Rack
Handy and thoughtfully placed towel racks - inside the infrared sauna.

Oxygen lonizer


Oxygen Ionizer/Ozone Generator
Our new Ionizer now comes with 2 settings.

1) Releases negative ions to purify the air during your session.

2) Choose the Ozone option to kill any harmful bacterial in your sauna that was released during your detox sessions.

Note: Most customer's will run the Ozone weekly for 30 minutes while they are not using the sauna.

All Glass Doors


All Glass Doors
Thicker glass for 2016 models! Your beautiful infrared sauna is now wrapped with gorgeous glass doors providing you with a chic look and a non-claustrophobic feeling. All glass in the sauna is tempered for safety. For 2016 all the sauna glass has a very light bronze tint for privacy and an elegant look.


EZ Lock System
Special lock system provides easy installation and eliminates inferior outside clips or magnets which won't prevent future warping. Nothing is stronger than a BOLT.

  Adjustable Vents
All 2016 saunas are now equipt with our PAS (positive airflow system). This system allows oxygen to circulate without letting the heat out.
  Dual Adjustable Magnetic Door Latching System
Pulls the glass door in against the felt strip for a tighter seal. All saunas now come with 2 magnets for a better seal.
  Commercial-Grade Adjustable Nickel-Plated Hinge
When you build a sauna with thicker glass, you need to use a stronger hinge. Not only are our hinges corrosion/rust resistant, but with a stronger grip you won't need to be constantly re-adjusting the door.
  Thick Tongue & Groove Double Wall Construction:
Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, tongue and grooves allow the wood to flex to prevent cracking.
  12 Volt Adapter
A 12 Volt plug-in comes standard in every sauna. Accepts any after-market electrical accessories ie: DVD player, computer, phone charger, aromatherapy diffuser and more.
  INCLUDED NEW! Bimetal HD ambient temperature sensor. This type of sensor will give you a more accurate reading than the outdated wire type.
  INCLUDED NEW! Dust Cover: New Power Box Access Door
  INCLUDED NEW! New Door Glass Seal Prevents Heat Loss
  INCLUDED NEW! Each Cabinet Panel now has a removable label for easier identification during sauna installation
  INCLUDED NEW! Improved Packing Material ensures that your new sauna arrives in mint condition!



After 8 years and a lifetime warranty on each sauna, we discovered a flaw - The power supplies were starting to fail. What did we do about it - We now only carry the "Gold Select" Commercial Grade Power Supplies so that YOU don't have to have interrupted service!

We also numbered the Power Box wires to improve service capability.

Finally, on all of the new Greenwave Units we include Commercial grade wiring throughout for cooler service.


Coastal Saunas has proudly earned all of the above safety seals. Click for more information

Tempered Glass Doors
Have peace-of-mind against any mishaps with tempered glass doors in every unit.


EMF Shielding/Steel Conduit
Working behind the scenes, this Electro-Magnetic-Frequency (EMF) shielding not only protects you from harmful EMF but protects the wires from directly touching the wood as well.



Canadian Cedar Upgrade Pricing:

- Malibu Pro: $495.00
- Delmar Pro: $545.00
- Newport Pro: $595.00
- Hollywood Pro: $795.00

Outdoor Waterproof Canvas Covers

Our handmade Sunbrella Canvas covers are exclusively made for Coastal Saunas. They are brilliantly crafted with completely waterproof marine grade canvas, re-enforced tops to keep the water out, marine grade zippers, roll-up front door,roll-up tie-downs and a weather slot for the cord. Custom made for every model.

Malibu Pro: $595.00
Delmar Pro: $695.00
Newport Pro: $795.00
Hollywood Pro: $995.00
Sauna Jump: $795.00

$50 Shipping & Handling applies


15.3" Wide screen HD / LCD / TV with built-in DVD Player

-15.3 LCD Panel
-TV / Digital Tuner Ready
-Remote Control
-Separate Swivel Mount Included
-Built-in DVD Player
-AC and DC Adapters
- Input Terminals: HDMI, VGA, YPbPr,
S-Video, AV Audio, Video & RF

Price: $395.00/Free Shipping


3" Sunbrella Canvas Cushions

3" Hi-Density Foam, Sunbrella Canvas, Marine Grade Zipper for easy cleaning.

Malibu Pro: $325.00
Delmar Pro: $345.00
Newport Pro: $545.00 - 2 Cushions
Hollywood Pro: $795.00 - 3 Cushions

$48 Shipping & Handling Applies

1-2 Person Seats 1-3 Newport 1-3 Person     1-4 People


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