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What is Constant Infrared and why is it important?

Just like a thermostat in your house, when the ambient air reaches the desired temperature the thermostat shuts the heater off. The temperature will then drop 4-5 degrees which tells the thermostat to turn the heat back on until it reaches 70 again. The infrared sauna is no different. If you set it at 140 degrees the panels will turn off when it reaches 140 and come back on at 136. During this time while the panels are cycled off, you are receiving ambient heat but not direct infrared heat. Yes, you are still receiving benefits, but since we want to maximize infrared heat, we like those heaters to stay on during your entire session. Below are some simple steps to best accomplish this. These are only guidelines. Feel free to implement all or none of these steps while personalizing your sauna routine.

The following example is based on a sauna session with a desired temperature of 140 degrees. 140 degrees was just used in this example. The same steps apply for any desired temperature.

Based on a desired session of 140 Degrees:

1) Preheat the sauna to 120-125 degrees (or 15-20 degrees below your desired temperature).
2) When the sauna reaches 120-125, raise the temperature to 140 degrees and get in.
3) Relax and let your body's core rise with the sauna.
4) When the sauna reaches 135 degrees try and keep it there by bleeding some of the hot air out. This can be accomplished by dropping the stereo down, opening the vent, or cracking open the door. Feel free to remove the top dust cover to accomplish this as well if your running your sauna in a warmer environment. Many customers remove the dust cover in the summer and leave it on during the winter.


To Recap: Your infrared sauna will be set at 140 degrees and if it gets there the panels will turn off momentarily and then back on at 136. By bleeding some air out, the sauna will try to reach 140 degrees but just fall short leaving the panels on during your whole session giving you constant infrared.

So your bleeding some air out and it STILL keeps hitting 140? This is normal, the goal is just to keep the off time to a minimum.

A note about summer vs. winter/ Phoenix vs. Fargo

At the time of writing this Fargo is buried in ice and Phoenix is 90 degrees. Needless to say, if you live in Fargo in the middle of winter you probably won't be bleeding any hot air out of your sauna like mentioned above. On the other hand, in Phoenix, you may want to run the sauna without the dust cover on top as well as the vents opened to maintain constant infrared.

I hope this article will help maximize your sauna sessions. Remember these are just guidlines to maximize your experience. Feel free to use some ideas from this article while implementing your own depending on how your body responds. If you have any questions after reading this article, I am always available to answer them.


Tim Davids
Coastal Saunas Inc.-Owner



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