Note: Coastal Saunas now offers FREE delivery to anywhere in the U.S. backed with the same lifetime warranty.

Our main goal is to stay on the cutting edge of infrared research and development. If we need to make a change we make it. From our new Zero EMF heaters to the best Canadian Woods, after 11 years and 8 different designs, we are proud to offer you the most advanced sauna in the industry.

I am often asked, "I prefer to purchase from a local company, what if I have a problem?" We completely understand, which is why we designed our sauna from the ground up with these concerns in mind. Every sauna we offer has "plug-and-play" parts which we designed to be VERY user friendly, and with simple non-proprietary components. Changing a heater is easier than changing a light bulb. In addition, you always have the option of shipping the part back to us and we will fix it for free. Why have we been in business for 11 years and still offer a lifetime warranty? We take care of our customers and offer a reliable product with quality components.

Still need assurance? If you receive your product and are not completely satisfied, we will do everything we can to resolve your concerns or we will ship it back at our expense.

If you're just starting your research, we invite you to click on the article, "Infrared Sauna Buyers Guide", which will give you a great start towards your purchase of a sauna. If you have any further questions after reading the article, we invite you to test our customer service. We promise to answer all the questions you have in detail, and do without any high pressure sales.

Timothy Davids
Greenwave Wellness Inc - CEO

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