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Infrared Sauna Definitions and Terms

Housing Material The structural material used to construct the infrared sauna.

Set Up Time - General time required to assemble the sauna.

Portable - Most infrared saunas are prefabricated as walls, base, and roof (ceiling) for easy assembly and disassembly.

Panels - Exterior and interior walls are made by joining panels of wood to form a solid surface.

Cedar The industry standard for infrared sauna exterior and interior housing.

Basswood, Hemlock - The second most popular exterior and interior housing alternative.

Hypoallergenic Wood - Just basswood/ hemlock. This name was promoted by companies after rumors were spread about cedar being toxic.

Teak, Pine - Cheap woods for sauna housing.

Kiln-Dried Wood - Drying process of the wood panels to rid them of moisture, oils and distortion. Very important.

Glues - Water-based wood glue is a must.

FIR - Acronym for Far-Infrared.

IR - Acronym for Infrared.

Voltage - Volt usage by sauna. Generally 110 volts (120 volts), or 220 volts (240 volts) depending on brand, size, model and country.

Amperage - Amp usage by sauna. Generally 15 amps or 20 amps depending on the brand, size and model.

Power Rating Electric consumption by the infrared sauna.

Heater Quantity Number of infrared heaters in a particular size or model.

Heating Size Size of the particular heater design.

Heater Surface Area - The total size of the surface area of all of your heaters in your sauna.

Heating Material The material, usually describing the casing or cover of the hea ter.

Carbon Heater - Most popular type of heater. There are various kinds and trademark names.

Ceramic Heater - Second most popular type of heater. There are various kinds and trademark names.

Flat Heater - Used to describe the physical shape of carbon heater designs.

Rod Heater - Used to describe the physical shape of some ceramic, or steel heater designs.

Convex, Concave Heater - Used to describe the physical shape of some ceramic heater designs.

Plate Heater - Used to describe the physical shape of some ceramic heater designs.

Warm Up Time The number of minutes it takes before the sauna is ready for use.

Micron - Unit of length used to determine energy type: (i.e. electromagnetic spectrum), metric system.

Micron Range or Wavelength s - Energy levels actually produced by the infrared heater from low to high end.

Low-end Output - Lowest micron produced by the heater.

Median Peak or Median Output - Concentrated energy level at the top of the bell shaped curve in Micron Range (Wavelengths).

High-end Output - Highest micron produced by the heater.

Far Infrared - The therapeutic portion of rays originally produced by the Sun.

Sessiared sauna usage.

Full Session - Number of minutes required by the sauna to achieve

Manufacturer - If the company owns and produces their own infrared saunas.

Private Labels - Sharing an existing product line with no exclusive usage of product designs and features, only a unique brand name.

Warranty What companies will cover if the product goes defective within a period of time.

Quality Control - Final inspection of finished unit before packaged and shipped for distribution or retail.

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