So you just got back from your local “Super Store” or have been searching for an infrared sauna online and found one for $999! You’ve seen them sell for over twice that and figure this is such a good deal you’re going to purchase it.

…but what did you just purchase?

Lets go deeper into this sauna and uncover the FACTS of what you just purchased. The easiest way to explain this would be for me to tell you how I would take my $1995 2-Person Malibu Sauna and get it down to the $999 price range.

First: I would cut out the quality of the wood. Canadian woods are best known for their density and longevity but cost more to cure and produce. I would cut out the Canadian woods and replace them with thinner Taiwanese or Chinese woods which are prone to cracking and warping. If I did stick with Canadian woods, I would use a much lower grade and go with 6mm thickness instead of 10mm. They look the same online so it shouldn't’t hurt my sales much and I just cut my cost by $300+. One sure way to tell the thickness of woods is to check the weight of your sauna. A 2-person sauna should weigh over 350 lbs.
LOWER QUALITY THINNER WOODS/ 6mm thickness: $1,995 - $300 = $1,695

Second: I add the dreaded filler woods. Take a look at the bench in the $999 sauna. Probably has nice Hemlock wood slats on top. Now flip the bench over and you will most likely find a type of particle board. When heated up to sauna temperatures the "particles" in particle board WILL outgas. Particle board is NOT a hard wood, but put together by various scrap woods and bonded together. This process of bonding the woods together includes chemicals which you will be breathing in a closed environment during your use. The $1,995 sauna weighs a bit more for a reason (no toxic filler woods).
FILLER WOODS: $1,695 - $100 = $1,595

Third: Instead of 8 Carbon heaters in this sauna, let me take 3 or 4 of those out and make the ones left smaller in the process. Instead of large heaters in front of you, on the sides of you, behind you, under your feet and behind your calves, I may just put a couple behind you and on the sides. I would replace the important front heaters with a glass window. Sure the ones left will work, but give you 40% less coverage and 40% longer heat sauna heat-up times.
5 SMALLER HEATERS: $1,595 - $200 = $1,395

Fourth: If I really wanted to go cheap, I’d give you carbon heaters within a lower micron range or better yet, use the now outdated ceramic heaters. Lower grade carbon heaters are 50% less effective and only reach temperatures of 140 degrees vs 150 degrees and ceramic heaters have 50% less surface area. Either way, I could knock $300 more off the price.
CERAMIC OR LOWER GRADE CARBON: $1,395 - $300 = $1,095

Fifth: Now is where I can save a lot of money without you knowing about it. These are the hidden parts inside the sauna you can’t see. I would use smaller gauge wiring running to and from your heaters, I would take off the EMF steel conduit safety shielding over all of the wires, and ad filler woods where you can’t see it such as under the benches and in the walls (filler wood outgases toxic fumes). I would’t concern myself with water-based glues, toxic free components, or safety certifications. I would also make the unit smaller in width and depth saving on lots of materials. My sauna would look the same, and I just saved at least $200.
HIDDEN EXTRAS: $1095 - $200 = $895

Sixth: Well, I just beat your super store’s price and I’m not finished. I would also give you a thinner glass door, cheaper hinges, no crown molding over front with LED lighting, no light therapy, a “no name” stereo, no built-in heater covers, no color coded numbered wires for easy fixing, and last but not least I would choose to cut your warranty to one year instead of lifetime.
EXTRAS: $895 - $200 = $695

With the help of my engineers, I now have brought my $1,995 Malibu sauna down to a $695 sauna and managed to keep it's same similar looks. Add some "smashing online reviews", a one year warranty, and I'm off to the races.

Yes, this sauna will work, but with less than half of the efficiency, half the results, half the quality, and for half the life span. For these reasons, we have chosen not to carry a lower line sauna. Instead we build one quality commercial grade line at a reasonable price and back it with a lifetime warranty because this is how long we want you to have it.

Where should I get my sauna?
If you've been doing your research, you already know there are a lot of choices when picking an infrared sauna company. My family and I have been working with infrared technology for over 10 years and hope that you will consider us as one of your choices.

We are fully ETL Certified, and the only company that offers Carbon Based Carbon Wave 360 Technology. If you would like learn more please browse our website or give us a call at 1-800-327-5122. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading, and be well.

Tim Davids – CEO
Coastal Saunas 800-327-5122

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