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We are the leading Infrared Sauna parts supplier in the country and provide parts for the following sauna manufactures.

To order a part for your sauna, please email If we have the part in stock, we will contact you with a quote or can provide contact information of another sauna supplier who can help you.

Unlike most Infrared Sauna parts you will find online which are refurbished from China, all of our parts are OEM/Brand New.


Company In Business Parts Available Saunas Available
Clearlight Saunas (Now Jacuzzi) Yes Yes - Limited No
Westcoast Saunas No Yes - Limited Yes - Limited
Eastcoast Saunas No Yes - Limited No
Rockymountain Saunas Yes Yes - Limited Yes - Limited
Greenwave Saunas Yes Yes - All Yes - All
Sunlighten Saunas Yes Yes - Limited No
Coastal Saunas Yes Yes - All Yes - All
Dynamic Saunas Yes No No


Please include the following: Sauna Manufacture/Model/Year/Part/Part Number/Contact Info.

We appreciate your business - our site will be back up shortly.

Thank You, Sauna Parts LLC