We are the leading Infrared Sauna parts supplier in the country and provide parts for most of the major Infrared Sauna manufacturers.

To order a part for your sauna, please email saunahelp@gmail.com. If we have the part in stock, we will contact you with a quote. If we do not stock your part, we may be able to provide you another sauna supplier who can help you.

Unlike most Infrared Sauna parts you will find online, which are refurbished from China, all of our parts are OEM/Brand New.


We are currently back ordered on all sauna parts. If you are in need of original OEM sauna parts please contact:

Coastal Saunas


Company In Business Parts Available We now have access with many of the suppliers below to sell complete units at below wholesale pricing.
If you would like to purchase a complete unit, please contact us for a quote.
Clearlight Saunas (Now Jacuzzi) Yes Yes - Limited No
Westcoast Saunas No Yes - Limited No (Refer to www.CoastalSaunas.com for the Pro version)
Eastcoast Saunas No Yes - Limited No
Rockymountain Saunas Yes Yes - Limited No
Greenwave Saunas Yes Yes - All Yes - All
Sunlighten Saunas Yes Yes - Limited No
Coastal Saunas Yes Yes - All Yes - All
Dynamic Saunas Yes No No

Infrared Sauna Parts Currently Available:
Low EMF Nano CarbonHeater Kits (2018), Power Supplies, Control Panels, Control Boards, Light Bulbs, Ionizers, Radios, Circuit Breakers, Speakers and more. We also have access to wholesale pricing on complete units.


Please include the following in your email so we can better help you: Sauna Manufacture/Model/Year/Part/Part Number/Contact Info.

Unfortunately we are currently not able to offer live tech support. Please email us your questions and we will do our best to help you.

We appreciate your patience during our new construction - our site will be back up shortly.

Thank You, Sauna Parts LLC