If you purchased your sauna from Westcoast Saunas (not Coastal Saunas) and are in need of parts, or intersted in upgrades for your West Coast Sauna please email us at sales@coastalsaunas.com and we will have a tech suport rep contact you with a quote.

Please include:

1) Which company you originally purchased it from
2) Approximate Model and Year
3) A brief description of what is wrong with the unit

Current Parts Available:
Complete Zero EMF replacement carbon heater kit (Ugrades all of your heaters - read more here)
8-Pin Powerboards (count how many wires are on the white ribbon wire attached)
7-Pin Powerboards
Power Supply Box (silver box)
Reading LIghts
Chromothrapy Lights
Oxygen Ionizer
Individual Heaters
Control Panel (temp display)
Circuit Breakers
....and a few more, just ask

Coastal Saunas/Greenwave Wellness Inc.
800-327-5122 tech support ext 2


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